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Love Yourself this Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the world wide celebrated day of love. Most people tend to get super excited waiting for their roses and chocolates to be delivered, or for their fancy dinner date, to show each other how much they love each other.

And all the single people get to feel extra lonely walking through the shops or going to work and having no flowers or cards or dancing tambourine men sing them a melody. And on the most celebrated day of Love, we all tend to forget about the most important love there is - self love.

So this Valentine's Day, and every V day after that, why not spend the day spoiling yourself?

Go out and buy yourself some roses (personally I don't like having to de-thorn long stem roses and I am much happier with a pot plant), a bottle of bubbly and some cute lingerie. Run your own bubble bath, light your candles and settle down to read a good book or watch your favourite movie. Do something you love for you.

And if you are having a hard time, or your confidence is a little low, go out and book yourself a mini boudoir session. Paint your nails, do your make up and go be super sexy for a bunch of awesome photos of you. Remind yourself just how gorgeous you actually are and remember how to love yourself. Use Valentine's Day to celebrate and love yourself.

If your group of friends are all single, organise yourselves a Galentine's Day celebrating the love of your friendships. Also, a whole day of gal's in their robes, getting pampered with hair and make up, supporting and encouraging each other to be their sexiest self while each having a mini shoot is hands down, the best way to spend a day!

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