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Fun Car Wash Photo Shoot - Johannesburg, South Africa

So your partner doesn't like photo shoots?

After 5 years of photographing men I have noticed that they get shy too, find photo shoots to be boring, and feel awkward standing still with hands in their pockets staring off into the distance. Honestly, you can't blame them for that.

Something I have noticed is, that if you add a car and let him chase you around with a soapy sponge and a bucket of water, with a photographer as a witness and referee, the end result is a fun filled couples photo shoot with tons of smiling photos, a happy man and a clean car.

How awesome is Talya & Keagan's Car Wash photo session in Four Ways, Johannesburg? (You would never guess that this handsome guy was hella nervous to be in front of my camera)

PS. Car Wash photo sessions are best done around sunrise or sunset, before or after the car wash company opens or closes so as not to interfere with their business. Please also note, and most importantly - that permission to use a car wash or public space requires permission from the owner.

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