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First day of school...

Updated: Feb 12

Getting kids ready for their first day of kindergarten or big school can be quite a task. The last two weeks of holidays require convincing them that school is just a big building full of the potential to make new friends and every day they get to learn something new, that there is nothing scary for them to worry about. Parents gush about how big they are now because they will be going to big school, while secretly trying to figure out how they got to this milestone so quickly. Look at how tall they have grown, weren't they little babies being rocked to sleep in your arms last week?

Moms can lure older kids with the promise that when they go to school they will be able to play with all their shiny new stationary, and proceed to hide it in the top cupboards so it doesn't get used or lost during the holidays. While dads test out back packs, and try to figure out how everything will fit into such a small bag as well as look up the extra murals to see what they can sign their kiddies up for. A little while ago they were learning to walk, now you are figuring out their favourite sport or dance class.

So in order to help parents convince their little ones that school is a wonderfully amazing idea, as well as record their milestone, their little personalities and their goals and dreams, I recommend a first day of school / back to school photo mini session.

It is a positive fun way to reinforce that school is amazing, and parents can record little details of the kiddies that they can look back on year after year and watch the changes in their development. Why not create an album all about them as they grow from toddlers to teens?

PS. First day of school / back to school photo sessions don't have to be in school uniforms as the yearly school photos will record that, so why not let them dress themselves in their favourite outfit?


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