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I am a natural light photographer based in Johannesburg that specialises in milestones and everything else.


So what are milestones?

Milestones for me are birthdays and holidays, first days of school to a final graduation.

They are your engagement and your wedding, your pregnancy and the birth of your little ones, they are the changes in your kids growing from newborns to toddlers - from learning to sit, to learning to walk and eventually to run.

They are celebrating 10 years of friendship or 3 years of marriage.

These are the milestones I love to capture.


What is everything else?

The everything else that I love documenting are the making pancakes on Sunday morning, bubble baths and story time, movie nights and dinner dates. They are hiking up a mountain or chilling on a boat. The everything else are the moments in between your milestones, the little details of life that deserve a place on your wall at home.

They are your everyday magical moments.



 a few galleries for you to view


a step by step guide to your perfect photo session


So you have decided that you want to invest in a professional photo session that will capture your memories, your moments and your milestones?

Am I the right photographer for you?

Have a look through the galleries and decide if you like the colours of my images as this shows you part of my style. To break it down to basics, my style is light and bright with a touch of bold and sprinkle of warmth.

Are you willing to put in a bit of extra effort? Are you willing to follow my guidance with wardrobe recommendations, make up artists and to travel a little if its a location session? If you are then we can create images you will love together.

Are you ok with being given guidance for actions, and if its photos of your kids - just letting them run free if it is needed. I generally only pose when I need everyone to hit pause and take a breath as photo sessions with me can sometimes seem a little chaotic and be full of energy.

If you answered yes to all of the above... then we will be able to make magical moments for you to remember forever.

Don't be shy, you will get to know me over email and whats app or if you would prefer a coffee and a chat in Four Ways that can be arranged too.

Once you have taken the first step of getting in touch, I will send through my package options for you to choose from. My packages range from digitals only, to including wardrobe and stylists as well as beautiful prints or albums for you to keep as an heirloom for you and your family.

Let's set a date...

It is best to choose a date at least one or two months ahead as it gives us some time to plan the perfect session for you. I have a limited amount of photo sessions per month so I can give you all the love and attention your session deserves. Booking ahead of time allows me to help you with planning your wardrobe, booking a make up artist, scouting for a perfect location, and putting all the little details together that make for a fun filled and smooth photo session.

For pre-styled and pre-planned photo shoots, I do offer mini sessions throughout the year, for children, families, couples and portraits. Mini sessions are pre-planned and dates are set for the year.



So we have booked your date, chosen your location, planned your wardrobe and style of your session. The big day arrives and your nerves kick in. Don't worry, I am here to guide you throughout your photo shoot. Working with natural light means there will be no camera flashes (unless in emergencies). 

I like to work with movement more than static poses whenever possible, which means that you will be too busy dancing in a field, practicing your piggy back mounts and leap frogs, washing cars and baking cookies to be worried about me. I like my clients to have as much fun as possible during their sessions. Standing poses are done here and there to allow for a little pause and to catch your breath.

PS. Boyfriends and husbands will get quite a few smooches from their ladies throughout the photo shoot, but if you have a super grumpy and camera shy partner - I suggest bribing them with a gift or an adventure after the shoot (the same trick works with kids).

You have finished your photo session and now what?

Well you have spent time getting your make up done and getting yourself, or the family all dressed up... so plan a day or a night out while you are all fancy fancy... and take as many photos as you possibly can. Turn your photo shoot day into a whole day event, as this creates positive memories and feedback for all involved. That makes the next photo session a whole lot easier getting everyone to co-operate as opposed to having to drag them kicking and screaming.

From my side all digital images are delivered within 21 days, and are uploaded to an online digital gallery where you can download all images and share your gallery with family and friends.

Photo prints and albums are sent out to professional printers and take a bit longer to be checked and double checked and can take up to 6 weeks until they are ready for collection.

Don't let your beautiful photos sit on a usb or hard drive; print them and hang them up in your home, or create an album that can be an heirloom to pass down to your family. PS. grand parents love being able to have some awesome photos of their kids and grandkids to show off.


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